Monday, November 30, 2015

MRSM Ulul Albab

Setakat ini cuma ada 3 je MRSM ulul albab. Gemencheh, Penang dan Besut Tganu. Ujian kelayakan nak masuk sini lebih susah dari SBPI Rawang.

Perkara yang akan diuji semasa temuduga adalah seperti berikut:
1 Kebolehan membaca al-Quran
2 Keupayaan menghafaz al-Quran
3 Kemahiran jawi
4 Keupayaan berkomunikasi ( Bahasa Melayu & Bahasa Inggeris)
5 Ujian Sikap, Sains dan Metematik

Kalau SBP cuma nombo 1,2,3. Namun, SBP ada kelebihannya, sebab SBP akan pilih creme de la creme... lepas SBP pilih baru la MRSM boleh ambil.

SBPI Rawang, ujian dan temuduga

Terkejut! Selasa dapat result UPSR, Sabtu petang dapat sms suh datang interview SBPI Rawang sesi 1, Isnin pagi. Memang terkejut, jadi tak sempat nak prepare apa pun.

Dari pengalaman tersebut, rupanya tak de exam math and science, macam MRSM. Di situ lebih mementingkan keupayaan hafazan, ujian tulisan jawi. Tu je. Even the interview was also in BM. Kepada yang PSRA tak mumtaz,... dont worry, just do your best, sbb ada juga yg dapat interview tu tanpa PSRA, sbb ini kan SBP, so pelajar satu malaya ada kat sini. PSRA hanya utk pelajar selangor je kan. So kepada candidate SBPI Rawang, 2016 nanti... all the best of luck.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Little Jakarta

Sad, but true. There are so many illegal indonesian workers in Shah Alam. Many come as "tourist" yet they come with all the intention to stay here, work here. Reunited with husband and family members here.

A few months ago, I met with a newly arrived Indonesian who was working as a cleaner. She was warm and talkative, told me about her journey to Malaysia. I persuaded her to apply for a working visa/permit while there was still time to do so. Indonesian tourist may apply for a working permit within 30 days in this country. Gleefully, she explained how she cheated the system... The working permit (plus payment to the agent) costs RM4000. If she pays a fine of RM500 for an average of every 3-4 months being caught, she could still save RM2000- RM2500 a year. I was gaping at the idea! So here was a lady who was well aware of the threat being caught by the police for working illegally, who has had a chance to make it legal...yet smiling, after doing the calculation, judging the best, most profitable action was to pay fine not pay to "the government". I rest my case.

The number of illegals is so big that it will be difficult for the government to detain them, I reckon. Not in Shah Alam, especially, Padang Jawa. I cant help but to be irked by the surrounding... Shah Alam is turning into little Jakarta.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

UPSR - Kebaikan Bergotong Royong

Kebaikan Bergotong Royong

Hahaha.. malam ni mama akan tolong anak yg nak UPSR ni buat karangan BM. Ini idea dia sepenuhnya ya, mama cuma tolong susun. Tak jamin skor A, ok...

     Bergotong-royong adalah aktiviti yang dilakukan bersama-sama secara sukarela. Pada pendapat saya, amalan gotong-royong ini perlu digalakkan dalam masyarakat kita. Terdapat banyak faedah bergotong-royong yang dapat dikumpulkan jika kita sentiasa mengamalkan amalan bergotong-royong.

     Antara faedah bergotong-royong ialah kita dapat mengindahkan lagi kawasan perumahan kita. Kita semua pasti inginkan kawasan perumahan yang sering dipuji oleh orang lain. Jika kawasan kita bersih, indah dan aman, maka risiko kebarangkalian kes denggi oleh nyamuk aedes juga berkurang.

     Kita juga dapat mengeratkan hubungan silaturahim diantara kita dengan jiran. Kebanyakan orang penat bekerja, maka kurang masa untuk diluangkan bersama jiran kita. Dengan aktiviti ini, kita dapat mengenal jiran kita dengan lebih rapat dan mesra, bak kata pepatah, tak kenal maka tak cinta.

     Selain itu, apabila kita terlibat dalam amalan bergotong–royong, kita dapat mewujudkan masyarakat yang bekerjasama kerana bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh. Terdapat banyak perkara dalam masyarakat yang menjadi mudah bila dilakukan bersama, seperti gotong royong dalam majlis perkahwinan, majlis qurban di surau setempat dan pengurusan jenazah.

     Akhir sekali, kita juga dapat menjimatkan duit kita sebanyak 50% apabila kita bergotong-royong kerana kita tidak perlu membayar upah pekerja. Selain itu, kita juga boleh menjimatkan masa kerana gotong-royong biasanya melibatkan ramai orang yang membantu kita membuat kerja. Tidak seperti jika kita mengupah pekerja, biasanya hanya beberapa orang saja yang kita mampu bayar.

     Kesimpulanya, bergotong-royong memang ada banyak kebaikan. Oleh itu, kita perlu memupuk amalan bergotong-royong secara berterusan untuk mewujudkan negara yang bersih, aman dan kurang penyakit yang membahayakan.

.....Ok jangan tiru bulat bulat eh. Ok utk generate ideas, or brainstorming.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Swimming Pool at Bukit Beruntung Golf Club,

This is definitely not a tourist attraction spot, hahaha. Coz the place looks run down. The paint, the plants, the furniture... they need care.

But it is an awesome place to feel like you own a private pool. There were not many people there, considering that it was a weekend (saturday). At most, there were only another 15 strangers and there were times when it was only our family. The swimming pool is large, and water is clean. The way my husband grades a pool is by looking at the clarity of the water from one end to another end. He is satisfied when he can see the bottom at the far end of the swimming pool. My sons have their own evaluation system, by the taste and smell of chlorine--pass, by the after feel of their skin, not itchy or feel tight-- pass, by the eye drop test-- pass. My daughter, who is 11, is happy to discover that the depth is just nice for her to stand in the pool. We might come back for more.

The changing room is slightly smelly, but bearable. 

Operating hours; 7:30 am-7:30 pm
Fees: Non members, adult RM15, children below 12 RM 10
Dress code: rather leniently implemented
Should be no outside food, but they didn't check our bag!! Duh, we would have brought in chocolates, haha! So we bought hot drinks and some tidbits while enjoying our swim. The price is reasonable (unlike Sunway Lagoon, years ago that one bodo burger for RM8 is extremely ridiculous. might be more expensive now)

The bowling area is closed! Sorry guys, it is only a year lapse from the last visit by Si Ketam Batu

There are many restaurants and bakeries nearby, within 5-10 min drive. After the swim, we went to the most expensive looking thai restaurant... Sukho Thai. Great food, RM135 for 5-6 ppl, set D. The taste is excellent. I'd love to come here again, even if it is just for the food.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tempahan Dewan Majlis Perkahwinan

Anak sedara nak buat majlis resepsi, sekitar 5 bulan lagi, tapi hari ni je pun dah susah dapat dewan. So, korang yang nak buat majlis tu kena fikir banyak-banyak bulan lagi utk tempah dewan. Kalau tak, buat je la kat rumah.

Majlis di dewan dan hotel ni mahal berpuluh atau beratus ribu. But still, untuk jamin puas hati, sendiri kena bagi jelas dan nyata kehendak hati. Kalau sendiri pun blurrr tak tau apa yg nak, hmmm.. susah la nak layan. Nnt yg tu tak kenan, yg ni tak suka. ek eh, dari awal tak sebut pulak. Rumah siap, pahat berbunyi. Ataupun, byk la kerja correction kena buat, asik trail and error je. So, guide lines dari ni boleh dijadikan panduan serba sikit.

When researching for wedding ceremony or banquet venues, we usually consider factors like: 

  1. Ambiance of the hall/ ballroom: modern, old-fashioned setting, lighting, decoration
  2. Privacy (sharing entrance with walk-in guests or more than one weddings in the same hall)
  3. Obstructive pillars
  4. Wedding package/ price
  5. Other charges (corkage, PA system, projectors + screen/LCD, air cooler rental, etc)
  6. Freebies/ benefits (dummy cake, champagne+glasses, invitation cards, food testing)
  7. Other facilities: changing room, restroom, reception foyer
  8. Sound system quality
  9. Food quality, portion, presentation (Most hotels serve halal food)
  10. Person-in-charge, wedding planner
  11. Parking options
  12. Location (Distance from KL, traffic condition, easy to locate)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Logos, Ethos and Pathos of Aristotle's Rhetorical Theory

I'm amazed, for the fact that Aristotle's Rhetorical Theory manage to survive, be the basis for other models of persuasion and be a constant reference to the theory of persuasion. Aristotle's Rhetorical theory is not complete, yet indispensable.

Aristotle proposes 3 strategies of persuasion, through appealing to one's logic (logos), through appealing to one's emotion (pathos) and by displaying one's credibility and trustworthiness (ethos). A persuasive message which has the three elements of logos, ethos and pathos is said to be most persuasive. The science field consistently investigates the arts of persuasion. In many cases, the study on persuasion is like the study of historical events; it can only be studied after the persuasive message has been presented to the target person. Thus, researchers collect past evidence, interview stakeholders and justify findings with theories.

---What if there is a study that develops a persuasive message and predicts the persuasiveness of a message? Interesting isn't it?

Persuasion is an innate ability, thus, people could still be persuasive even without knowing Aristotle's Theory. But of course the degree of persuasiveness is questionable. The science of persuasion is needed to help the helplessly unartistic person to be equally convincing persuader. It is similar to the study of literature which helps to sharpen the mundane person's poetic senses.

---The strategies are there to guide on developing persuasive message, but the challenge comes from the reality of life, the facts of life. Ethical Persuasion is not mere promises of sweet talk, but one that is tied to the reality. Reality of life is rarely bed of roses. Thus the challenge is to make uninteresting fact interesting.